Cutting4College is a lawn care business in Northeast Denver that is operated by high school and college students in the neighborhood.

We are currently accepting clients for the 2019 season!

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We are a group of scholars who live and go to school in Northeast Denver. We have started our own business cutting lawns to make money, learn a business, and save for college. Every one of us places a portion of our earnings into a college savings account.

Our mission is to teach young men and women the value of hard work, entrepreneurship, and money. This is a real job with real customers making real money learning a real skill. Every young person who is part of the crew puts between 10-30% of their earnings into a college fund that can only be accessed for college expenses.


We fertilize, mow, and trim lawns. We do minor landscaping and other general labor except pulling weeds. We do not do landscaping, aerating, or professional edging.


We start at $20 as a minimum and go as high as $50 for corner lots. We will give you an estimate and stick to it. For other labor, we charge $20 per hour per person.


$9/hr to start, $10/hr after 100 hrs, $12/hr after 200 hrs, $15/hr after 300 hrs. We believe in paying good wages for good work. We are slightly more expensive than other lawn services and much of the reason is because we pay well, have good equipment, and are fully insured.